Food processing

The right goods temperature is the be-all and end-all for product quality in the food processing and cooling industry. Specific temperatures must be maintained with meat, fish, dairy products and fruit and vegetables in particular, whereby low moisture loss also plays a very important role.

Strict hygiene regulations are also essential. Be on the safe side with Güntner - corrosion-protected, fail safe and quick and easy to clean.

Your advantages

  • Güntner provides products for cooling foodstuffs, which are precisely harmonized with this area of application.
  • A draught-reduced working climate with low sound emissions provided by quiet fans is extremely important in cold storage rooms that people work in. Güntner has developed a cooler especially for this purpose: the GBK Processing Room Evaporator. Hygiene requirements also play a big role in food processing.
  • Güntner provides units that can be quickly cleaned with hinged trays and large condensation water drains, which are HACCP and Eurovent-certified. Fail-safe fans and corrosion-resistant materials round off the product quality.