Güntner's Philosophy

In our more than 80-year corporate history, we always followed our Vision and Mission striving to achieve highest customer satisfaction. In all our daily activities we respect the values stipulated in our Vision and Mission, like respectful collaboration and tolerance.

About Güntner Asia Pacific

Guntner Asia Pacific is a leader in the manufacture of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment components. With offices located in Singapore (head office), Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and production site in Indonesia, the company shows a strong presence for their partners in Asia. Decades of experience in the industry and the consistent integration of the latest technologies and research findings ensure the high quality standard of Güntner solutions. Users include the international automotive, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and computer industries and numerous public sector institutions.

Under the Güntner umbrella, the other brand names include JAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG, thermowave GmbH and basetec products + solutions GmbH.

Over the past decades, the Güntner Group has expanded and grown from a local specialist to an international and global enterprise. In all its activities, the Group always followed its vision and mission…>>

For over 80 years now, Güntner GmbH & Co. KG has been a leader in refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

Find out more about the company’s history…>>

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