From service and repair of refrigeration equipment to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of refrigeration components and systems

For over 80 years now, Güntner GmbH & Co. KG has been a leader in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Right from the very start, Güntner has always emphasized an extra, personal touch by keeping in close contact with its customers while developing solutions optimized to meet the specific needs of their markets and business sectors. From its beginnings as a service and repair shop for refrigeration equipment all the way to its current position as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of refrigeration components and systems, Güntner has acquired a wealth of experience throughout this field, experience that it applies to bring the greatest benefit to its customers during consultation, planning and implementation.

How it all began:

In 1931 in Munich, Germany, Hans Güntner established a repair service specializing in refrigeration equipment. After the war, in addition to continuing to offer repair service, the company increasingly focused on producing its own refrigeration system components. The need for components for refrigeration systems continued to increase and so, over the years, the company eventually grew to be a very successful mid-sized enterprise. Soon the original workshop in Munich became too small. As a result, in 1950 the company moved into larger facilities in nearby Germering. At the start of the 1980’s, the company then moved to its current location in Fürstenfeldbruck, farther out from Munich.

To meet the ever growing demand for refrigeration equipment on the European market, in 1990 Güntner formed a partnership with the Hungarian refrigeration company Hütötechnik. This joint venture started operations in the Güntner Tata production plant in Tata, Hungary. In 2003, Güntner purchased its Hungarian partner and the Güntner Tata facility was integrated into the overall Güntner Group. Today, in fact, the production plant in Tata is the largest one within the Güntner Group. It was at this plant in 2008, that two new production lines were set up for Güntner’s innovative microox® technology.

Güntner Controls: in-house production of control systems

In 1990, Güntner Elektronik, today known as Güntner Controls, was founded. This company division, located near Bielefeld, Germany produces controllers and switch cabinets for the international market. These controllers and cabinets, which are optimized for use with Güntner heat exchangers, are sold through all locations of the Güntner Group worldwide.

Expansion into the Asian market

Since 1996, Güntner facilities in Indonesia have made top-quality finned heat exchangers for the Asian market. A complete, well-rounded, experienced team of engineers in the Development and Sales departments handles all customer inquiries and orders. This local approach allows them to best meet the special requirements of the broad Asian market.

Expansion into North and South America

In 2002, Güntner de México (Monterrey) was the first Güntner production facility to be founded in the Americas. In Monterrey, Güntner manufactures top-quality heat exchangers and UL-approved switch cabinets for the entire American market. Since production started in Monterrey in 2002, the size of the production facility there has almost doubled in a successful effort to best meet the specific demands of this extensive market. To be able to meet the special demands of the North American market, a Güntner sales office exists in the United States since 2001.

Opening of Güntner do Brasil

The opening of Güntner do Brasil in 2008 marked yet another important step in serving the Americas. In doing so, the Güntner Group has expanded and strengthened its presence in the South American market. The location in Brazil produces evaporative condensers, air-cooled condensers and evaporators for the American markets.

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Company History

If you would like to read the full history of the Güntner Group in all its interesting details, you can download the document below:

Güntner Milestones
1931Original service and repair company founded in Munich, Germany
1945Increased focus on component production
1950Refrigeration equipment for butcher shops
1960Production location moved to Germering (near Munich)
1968Introduction of innovative condensers with radial fans
1970Components for supermarket installations
1972Introduction of high-efficiency evaporators with staggered tube spacing
1979Air conditioning for mainframe computers
1982Production location moved out to Fürstenfeldbruck
1985Components for frozen-food processing
1990Start of production in Hungary, founding of Güntner Electronik
1996Start of production in Indonesia
2001Sales office opened in the United States
2002Start of production in Monterrey, Mexico
2004Heat exchangers supplied for wind tunnels for testing Formula 1 race cars and Intercity Express (ICE) trains
2005Two sales offices opened in China
2006Güntner’s 75th anniversary
2007Introduction of penthouse cooler design
2008Introduction of microox® technology; integration of Güntner do Brasil
2009Introduction of innovative control system, Güntner Motor Management (GMM), for condensers and drycoolers
2010The first flat-bed condenser with microox®-technology worldwide
2012Presentation of sprayed dry coolers with section-wise control (Hydrospray)
2014Presentation of the evaporative condenser ECOSS in the US