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Güntner: Further investments in the future

Due to the steadily increasing demand, investments have been made in several manufacturing sites to meet the growing rate of production capacity utilisation. This is particularly true for the manufacturing site of Surabaya (Indonesia) whose manufacturing facility has been expanded following the boost in demand from Asian countries.

Separate hall to produce stainless steel units

The manufacturing site in Indonesia supplies the entire Asian region, and its capacities were already fully utilized due to the increased demand at the existing site. This is why a third production hall in the vicinity was rebuilt according to the requirements. As the entire production of stainless steel units was relocated to this new hall, the manufacture of units with other material combinations could be expanded in the previous hall. The evaporative condenser ECOSS (Evaporative Condenser Stainless Steel) is one of the units produced at the new production line for stainless steel series. The machinery of the new production line includes a semi-automated powder coating plant for a high-quality finish.

150 new jobs and soon 150 % production capacity for stainless steel units

The new area comprises 26,500 m² and provides a production area of 7,000 m² and office space of 680 m². An additional 150 jobs were created by expanding the production. The manufacture at the new line started already on May 1 and the production capacity of the new stainless steel production line was already at 112 % of the old production line within 9 weeks. By end of August, the production capacity is expected to reach 150 % of the previous stainless steel production.

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