Güntner's support for the SOS Children's Village in Diessen, Germany near the Ammersee Lake

The SOS Children's Village in Diessen near Ammersee Lake was the first of such communities founded by Hermann Gmeiner back in 1956. Gmeiner's idea was to provide a home and family environment to needy children who could no longer live with their actual parents. To this very day, this model has proven its great value in the many SOS Children's Villages now located worldwide. The children there live in a small, stable group within their own house. In this way, they, along with their SOS mother and siblings, form a distinct family unit in which each one plays a role. In Diessen, the Children's Village is well integrated into the larger community. For instance, the children living there attend local public schools and can remain in their foster family until they have completed their professional training. Even after they can stand on their own two feet, most of them remain in close touch with their foster family.

Güntner is convinced of the value of the SOS Children's Village model and, since 2008, has supported this charity's facility in Diessen, Germany near Ammersee Lake with an annual donation.

On July 15, 2008, the first check from Güntner to support the local SOS Children's Village was personally presented to the head of the Village, Erich Schöpflin, and the Village mother, Christine Czermak, by the Güntner business managers.


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