Eastern European facility with focus on commercial refrigeration

In 2014, Güntner built a production facility in Sibiu/Hermannstadt (Transylvania). The production plant has two assembly lines concentrating on producing Compact units for commercial refrigeration applications in the proven high quality our customers are used to. This plant with its location inside of the EU and the strategic position close to important Eastern European markets ensures rapid availability and short shipping routes.

Sibiu/Hermannstadt is one of the three most important economic centres of Romania and thus also a preferred location for many German and Austrian companies. This concentration of investors in one place resulted in a great number of skilled workers.

Therefore, this addition to the global network of Güntner Group production facilities benefits from local factors like well-trained workers and excellent infrastructure as well as from group-wide information networks. Thus, based on its high degree of automation and the continuous know-how transfer within the production plant network, the plant in Sibiu/Hermannstadt has been from the start a reliable high-quality supplier of evaporators, air coolers, condensers, fluid coolers and gas coolers for the commercial refrigeration industry.


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