Güntner Wireless Communication Module

Güntner Wireless Communication ModuleThe Güntner Wireless Communication Module is an application forthe Güntner Motor Management GMM. This management systemis available for EC and AC fans. The management system doesallow for controlling the fan speed of condensers and dry coolersand also offers other important functions which help to improveenergy efficiency.

It has been necessary so far to set Güntner Motor Managementparameters on-site at the unit on the plain text display.

By means of the Güntner Wireless Communication Module, unitparameters can now be read and adjusted simply using a computer,tablet or smartphone.



Direct access via smartphone app

Direct communication between a smartphone and the Güntner Motor Management via WLAN. Unit settings can easily and conveniently be applied via the app.



Access via web browser

The direct communication betwenn the Güntner Motor Management and a mobile or stationary terminal device can be established via network cable.



Remote access via VPN tunnel

Unit information can be retrieved also from outside thecorporate network via VPN tunnel which establishesaccess to the corporate network. For this purpose, theGüntner Motor Management is integrated into the corporatenetwork via LAN or WLAN.

More functions

•  Unit efficiency assessment 
•  Upload and download function of parameters for use of identical unit configurations
•  Unit diagnostics possible
•  Also available via web browser
•  Unit data are saved every minute
•  Available in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese
•  Access to all current unit parameters like:      

-  Speed      
-  External temperature      
-  Pressure      
-  Setpoint/actual value      
-  Control value in %      
-  Performance in kW      
-  Diagrammed power consumption      
-  Fluid temperature      
-  Condensing temperature      
-  Fan speed

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