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Footwear company in Brazil uses Güntner technology for climatization

Thermal comfort and productivity in footwear industry in the south of Brazil

The footwear industry Cecconello located in the south of Brazil invested in Güntner technologies to provide better thermal comfort to workers in a heated area of ​​2,400m2. After two years of operation the increase in productivity was already evident.

Cecconello has a staff of 190 employees which 160 of them are located at the production. Due to the region that the factory is located in Três Coroas in Rio Grande do Sul state - a region of warm humid subtropical climate with an average temperature of 20ºC, the company was concerned with finding solutions for ambient air conditioning that fulfilled one of the prerequisites: thermal comfort of the environment.

The installed cooling capacity was 423,700 kcal / h = 140,1TR in the following rooms:

- Cutting and Assembly: 06 AGBK air evaporators were installed in these two rooms
- Pre-fabricated: 03 air conditioners were installed. Two Reach model and 01 cubic model air evaporator.


Double flow air coolers with natural convection cooling for thermal comfort

Some of the key benefits of the AGBK Air Evaporator:

• High efficiency external axial rotor fans;
• Fans with low energy consumption and low noise level;
• Special design with low speed and air distribution;
• Innovative design with robust industrial structure;
• Floating coil for durability;
• Differentiated design to facilitate sanitation;
• Tray insulated and thermally decoupled to avoid condensation;
• Folding tray for accessibility.

One of the biggest differentials of this equipment is the thermal confort and it was underlying at the moment of the decision. The Guntner AGBK is able to distribute the air in a homogenous way by natural convention in the whole room, which improves the reduction of absenteeism.

The option for the Güntner solution met all the customer's expectations!

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