GCM (W)LAN Rail.1
GCM (W)LAN Rail.1

GCM (W)LAN Rail.1

Güntner Communication Modul (W)LAN


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GCM (W)LAN Rail.1

Güntner Communication Modul (W)LAN



  • Easy connection of GMM controller to WiFi or LAN network
  • No expertise required for connection
  • Allows for visualisation of plant data via implemented web browser
  • Allows for comfortable operation and configuration of the GMM controller via smartphone or laptop

Protection class IP 20


  • Interface for connection of GMM controller to a WiFi or LAN network or for direct communication of the GMM controller with a mobile terminal device (smartphone, laptop, ...)

Usable with different control types

  • Option for GMM sincon, GMM phasecut, GMM Step

Area of application

  • Condenser – pressure-dependent control
  • Dry cooler – temperature-dependent control

Special features

  • GMM configurations can be saved on the portable terminal device via commissioning report Easy transfer of settings to other units via clone functionality
  • Info button with short descriptions on the functions and settings
  • Troubleshooting guideline for current fault message and warnings
  • Reading and writing of: Control value, operating mode, control parameters, setpoints, used refrigerants, etc.
  • Reading of: Fault messages and operating information of all fans and of the GMM, actual values of measured data of power units and sensors, e.g. pressure, (motor) temperatures, performance, control values, functions and state.

Combination with control panel

  • Also later connection to GMM sincon, GMM phasecut, GHM spray  or GMM step possible

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