Dry Cooler

1 - 2000 kW



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  • Cold rooms
  • Condensating of gases
  • Cooling down of products
  • Free Cooling
  • Freeze-drying
  • Freezing of products
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Gas Cooling


Dry Cooler



  • On request, according to feasibility

Various material combinations

  • We provide various material combinations and a wide range of available tube and connection systems, so that you can find the solution that perfectly fits your demands.

Special constructions

  • Our technical experts are glad to support you in designing the heat exchanger that precisely suits your requirements.
  • With the high flexibility at the Güntner production sites, even very challenging designs can be manufactured. 

High operational reliability and enhanced leakage protection

  • Due to the proven  floating coil principle the fin coil can expand without straining the fluid-carrying tubes. This prevents loss of fluid as a result of leakage and enhances the service life of the unit.

Customized operating pressure

  • Our standard pressure levels for heat exchangers are 16 and 30 / 40 bar (depending on the application). On request, special designs with pressure levels up to 120 bar are available.

Different connection types

  • Brazed connection
  • Welding connection (standard flange acc. to DIN)
  • Threaded nipple


  • Droplet separator
  • Drop tray
  • Defrost (electrical, hot gas)
  • With or without cover and bottom plates (smooth or beaded with drain hole)
  • Varnishing DD lacquer, cathodic dip coating
  • Vent/drain support
  • Variable fin spacing in coil

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